Dec 01 2011

Report from Ukraine


December 2011

Irek was with a group of young Polish Catho­lic and Protestant volunteers in Ukraine (photo 1). He writes:

In Kiev two Americans joined us and two people from Former Soviet Union; Dzhambul from Vladikaukas who is helping Jewish People in the Caucasus area and Sasha, a Messianic leader from Crimea. With such a mixed group of cultures, language, age, denomination, and background, we decided to come and serve Jewish Community in the city of Korsun.

We''ve been visiting the city of Uman and helping there. We met with the Jewish Com­munity, visited the sick, helped with medicines, exchanged old and rotten beds for new ones, supporting people physically and spiritually.

We met with Ghetto and Holocaust survi­vors, and most of us were impressed by the testimonies they shared:

  • ..During the German occupation in Uman, a large group of Jews were forcibly dragged into the basement with the help of the Ger­mans and the local police. They connected hoses to the cars and sent exhaust fumes into the interior. Most of the Jews were gassed; however, there were a few people who survived.
  • ..Maria (81years) - She was 12 years old at the time. She was miraculously pulled out of this oppression and secretly smuggled into the country, thanks to God and good people there who remembered her grand­father and honored him (photo 2).
  • ..Evgenii (71 years) - He was two years old at that time; his family escaped. He still remembers this nightmare, though he was then a small baby (photo 3).
  • ..Bela (71 years) - She was two years old when her parents managed to escape from certain death at the last minute (photo 4).

Today, most of these people live in poverty, forgotten, with pensions of 80 Euros per month.


  • ..Raja and Evgenii - Evenii is a 47-year-old man who has a rare disease that is associ­ated with withering and gangrene of his limbs. He has now had his legs and almost all his toes amputated. His wife Raja is his nurse and they have two teenagers. With one small salary and pension it is hard to survive, but Raja is full of optimism and she has hope in spite of this terrible disease through which her husband goes. We helped them with the purchase of a new bed; they were very grateful and surprised by us (photo 5).
  • ..Frida - she is 80 years old. She is alone and is very sick. She had a complicated life; her husband was wounded in the head dur­ing the II World War and has had mental problems. Forced deportations caused prob­lems from the beginning. She raised three daughters and her husband died early. Ail­ing elderly are in need of help every day (photo 6).

People were crying and were very thankful for help. We also prayed with them and brought words of compassion and comfort to them. These visits also changed our people; they came back home with the new perspective and desire to serve and share with the poor, espe­cially to God''s beloved chosen nation.

We collected our money. Everyone paid for the trip and gave some money for us to offer for Jewish people, so we could do very good things for a Yeshua''s glory. I send you thanks in the name of Jewish holocaust survivors in Ukraine. I hope one day we go with you to Ukraine.

With Yeshua''s love,