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Dec 15 2015

Chevra Report December 2015

Our work in the past year has expanded and changed because of Global Politics. We have been working in Ukraine for many years, and have continued to operate our soup kitchens and food distribution in Western Ukraine. The war between Ukraine and Russia continues in the Eastern part of Ukraine. In the city of Zaporozhe, in central Ukraine, there are 95,000 refugees, which has put a severe strain on that city and its emergency services. This past fall, I traveled to Zaporozhe and visited our soup kitchens and refugee camps. I heard stories of people whose homes had been bombed and they were living with their children in their basements until they were able to make their way to Zaporozhe. We brought them food parcels, and comfort. While I was there, I was asked if we could sponsor ten more people. The cost of feeding ten people for a month is $330. We are looking to support as many people as we can. Your giving helps toward this goal.

Dr. Michael Schiffman

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Chevra means friendship. Our goal is to  help our people in their time of need.


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