Immigration to Israel

We assist all Jewish people seeking to immigrate to Israel, getting them to the boats or airports, as well as help them with passports and their paperwork.

A passport costs about $100.00. If a person makes between $50-100.00 per month, and their family is not able to live on that, it is not possible for them to purchase passports at $100.00 each for their family members. We provide passport money, so they can begin the process of leaving the FSU and immigrating to Israel.

When a family or individual is about to move to Israel, they sell most of their possessions, and it is their responsibility to get to the airport or ship they will travel on. If they live a long distance from their point of disembarkation, they will need transportation. We provide this for them.

Frequently, the elderly are not encouraged to move to Israel, because they will not receive enough subsidy to live on their own, and they are too old to begin learning Hebrew. But a move to Israel for an elderly Russian Jew means a new life. They will get superior medical care, plentiful good healthy food, and life in a more gentle place, where being a Jew is something good, not something derogatory.

We established homes in Israel for elderly holocaust survivors without family, so they too can immigrate to Israel. It is our feeling that at the end of their lives, after having endured such terrible sufferings, they should live out their lives in peace and comfort, and not poverty and fear.


Chevra means friendship. Our goal is to  help our people in their time of need.


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